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EFRE Förderung, FMD Space, ZIM, mFUND und PROFIT

Die starke Kombination Forschung und Entwicklung zu anwendungsorientierter Forschung ist einerseits für uns ein neuer Weg zur Beschaffung von Drittmitteln, indem wir Kooperationen mit Universitäten und Unternehmen vereinbaren. Andererseits sehen wir mehr Zukunftschancen, wenn wir uns auf langfristigere Forschungsthemen einlassen

EFRE Förderung für nxtBase


For our project “Digitization of flexible service processes through the use of augmented reality” we receive funding from ERDF – European Fund for Regional Development.

Gefördert werden Maschinen, Anlagen und Einrichtungen, Personalausgaben, sowie Beratungs- und technische Entwicklungsleistungen.

It is a big step for us and we are very grateful that our project is funded and that we will soon be able to offer various assisted reality solutions on our platform.


The Research Factory for Microelectronics Germany (FMD) is a cross-location merger of research institutions for micro- and nanoelectronics. In the FMD, the R&D infrastructure and the technological know-how of the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics and the two Leibniz Institutes FBH and IHP are networked.

Technologien aus dem Bereich »Virtual und Augmented Reality« (VR/AR) konnten sich in zahlreichen industriellen Anwendungsfeldern etablieren und unterschiedlichste Anwendungsgebiete finden.

Diese Entwicklung wird vor allen Dingen durch aktuelle Entwicklungen von Smartphone- und Tabletsystemen aber auch durch neue Head-Mounted-Displays vorangetrieben, die komplexe Anwendungen auf mobilen Endgeräten ermöglichen.

Nächste Schritte im Projekt stehen bereits fest:

Evaluation der Ergebnisse im Netzwerk der FMD (Partner-) Institute Unterstützung bei der Suche nach Partnern zur Fertigung und zur Leistungserbringung Launch: ggf. weitere Unterstützung bei Suche nach Investoren, Team-/ Geschäftsmodellentwicklung, etc.  

Ihnen gefällt unser Projekt?

Cooperation expressly desired. Contact us. Maybe we fit together.


For our project “mod4mob” development of an augmented reality platform for various end-to-end services, we receive funding under the funding number: 16KN086525 through the Central Innovation Program for SMEs from the BMWi.

ZIM F&E für nxtBase
BMWi_F&E für nxtBase

Sensor technology, real-time condition monitoring and  augmented reality  in trams for early defect diagnosis and preventive maintenance – SensoDIMARiS

R&D Sensodimaris

Digital, ongoing, new technologies for means of transport, traffic control and infrastructure management, public transport and new intermodal mobility offers


Imminent, but also acute malfunctions in  local public transport  vehicles that cannot be detected by the vehicle’s own standard sensors are usually not noticed and lead to unplanned failures and reduced mileage of the vehicles during operation. Disruptions can occur due to incalculable factors such as environmental influences or infrastructure changes.

Even due to unforeseen repairs, the workshop times of the vehicles are often unplanned and long. Availability bottlenecks are the result.

project goal

The aim of the SensoDIMARiS project is to supplement the scheduled maintenance of  public transport  vehicles with condition-based maintenance and thus to increase overall availability. Both slowly emerging malfunctions in  local public transport  vehicles and acute malfunctions that are not directly covered by the vehicle’s own sensors should be detected at an early stage.

For an optimal maintenance forecast,  online  processed data should be correlated with  offline  data of the vehicle and  GPS  data, evaluated and prepared for digital  condition monitoring  .

The process  chain  is further supplemented by the use of digital end devices such as  augmented reality glasses  .


The transport company is provided with a complete, modularly adaptable process chain for the maintenance forecast:

By using extended sensors (  retrofit ) on the chassis of a tram, additional data is collected and information is generated through evolutionary algorithmic diagnostics. The interfaces of the individual process steps are used for the modular and flexible exchange of data and information in all directions.


Coordinators of the sub-project:
Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Wedemeyer
Dr. Christin Hoffmann

Funding number: 03WIR2508
Duration: 06/01/2021 – 05/31/2023

Technological, economic and social innovations are the key to successful structural change in Lusatia. The sub-project RepAIreality forms the basis for innovations in the field of maintenance, servicing and repair (WI + R). The basis for new business areas as well as spin-offs or settlements in the S&E sector is created and a more attractive living and working region in Lusatia is promoted.

The goals of RepAIreality are:

(1) the development of an AI-based repair assistance system to secure knowledge, which can simultaneously take over the qualification of non-specialist and non-industry personnel,

(2) the establishment of an attractive employer image and

(3) the development of the Lausitzer Mittelstand, through the digitization of its processes and the use of AR / VR systems, to an efficiently and innovatively working interface between society and industry. RepAIreality aims at technical, in particular AI-based, but above all also economic and social innovations.

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