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NLA next logistic accelerator

Wir waren Teil des Next Logistik Accelerator Programms.
NLA next logistic accelerator,

We had a crazy busy week at the NLA with the finalization of the BATCH 1 program, coming to a close with the DEMO DAY day this Wednesday – what a success! Annika Evertse Sorensen, Jörg Jonas-Kops, Florian Schimandl, Vincent Oswald and Henrik Zölzer gave their best squeezing in all the things they learned and accomplished over the past 6 months in their crispy pitches – plenty of reasons to celebrate ! First of all, their ventures SensorTransport, nxtbase technologies GmbH, Smartlane GmbH and 25ways GmbH are all still standing 😉 – kidding aside, these startups have made quite some accomplishments, are in numerous serious discussions with our investors and other partners and first contracts were already signed … and the journey continues !

We had a such a wonderful time meeting these smart, creative and couragous souls, being involved, supporting and getting to know them and we will surely stay closely in touch with each and everyone of them. See you soon and stay cool – we will continue working against the odds and striving to disrupt the logistics industry ! 

Wir haben die Lösungen für Ihre speziellen Anwendungsfall; mit und ohne SAP.

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